Sitting Head-on

Originally from Bordeaux, Jean-Patrick Besingrand (b. 1985) is a French composer and musicologist based in Washington DC and New York. From his formative years as a keyboardist and guitarist in rock and heavy metal bands, Jean-Patrick has kept a particular interest for noise and distortion. In his music, he seeks to combine these timbral interests with an extended conception of silence and other absences in order to create contrasting and evolving sonic landscapes.

As a composer he received several awards and recognition in France and abroad such as the International Composition Competition organized by SaxOpen and Musica (Strasbourg, France, 2015, First Prize), New Music Generation (Kazakhstan, 2020, 2nd Prize), Sun-River Prize (Chengdu, China, 2017), International Composition Competition Città di Udine (Italy, 2016), and Robert Starer Composition Award (New York, USA, 2016) among others. 

His music has been performed by ensembles such as the Orchestre National Bordeaux-Aquitaine, Court-Circuit, Dal Niente, Linéa, Les Percussions de Strasbourg, Klangforum Wien, Mivos Quartet, JACK Quartet, Molinari Quartet, Platypus, Barcelona Modern Ensemble, Quince, Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, Meitar Ensemble, Suono Giallo, and Mise-En. Jean-Patrick’s music has also been performed by many soloists, notably Pierre Dutrieu, Yumi Suehiro, Aurélienne Brauner, Geoffrey Deibel, Carla Rees, Mamiko Someda, Thomas Piercy, Remi Miura, and Reison Kuroda.

His music was featured at festivals such as Festival Musica (France), Voix Nouvelles Royaumont (France), Shanghai New Music Week (China),  St. Petersburg International New Music Festival (Russia), OutHear New Music Week (Greece), Barcelona Modern Festival (Spain), IlSuono Contemporary Music Week (Italy), Mixtúr (Spain), CEME (Israel), Thailand International Composition Festival (Thailand), Tokyo Media Interaction (Japan), and Red Note (USA), among others.

Jean-Patrick holds a Master of Arts in Musicology from the University of Bordeaux, and diplomas in Analysis, Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue, Composition, and Soundpainting from the Bordeaux Conservatory where he notably studied composition under Jean-Louis Agobet. He also holds an Advanced Certificate in Composition from Carnegie Mellon University where he studied under Leonardo Balada. Currently Jean-Patrick is a PhD candidate in composition at The Graduate Center, CUNY under Professor Jason Eckardt.

Jean-Patrick serves as Co-Artistic Director of Composers’ Collective Tesselat. His scores are published by Artchipel and Babelscores.

ジャン=パトリック・ブザングラン(Jean-Patrick Besingrand; 1985年生まれ)は、米ワシントンとニューヨークを拠点にするフランス人作曲家である。幼少期よりロックやヘビーメタルを演奏するため、キーボードやギターを学び、ノイズやディストーションに興味を抱く。彼の作品は、音色的な追求と対照的で進化する音の風景を表現すべく、沈黙やその他の拡張された概念を組み合わせることを試みている。受賞歴には、2015 SaxOpen and Musica1位(フランス)、2020 New Music Generation2位(カザフスタン)、2017 Sun-River Prize(中国)、2016 International Composition Competition Città di Udine(イタリア)、2016 Robert Starer Composition Award(アメリカ)などがある。音楽はボルドー アキテーヌ国立管弦楽団、Court-CircuitDal NienteLes Percussions de StrasbourgKlangforum WienMivos Quartet JACK Quartet,Molinari QuartetPlatypus,、バルセロナモデルン, QuinceMoscow Contemporary Music EnsembleMeitar EnsembleSuono Giallo、そしてMise-Enなどによって演奏されている他、末廣由美、染田真実子、三浦礼美、黒田鈴尊、T.ピアシー、G.デイベル、A.ブラウナー、C.ーズなどの著名なソリストによって演奏されている。作品が演奏された音楽祭はFestival Musica (フランス)Voix Nouvelles Royaumont (フランス)Shanghai New Music Week ()St. Petersburg International New Music Festival (ロシア)OutHear New Music Week (ギリシャ)Barcelona Modern などのフェスティバルで取り上げられました。 Festival (スペイン)IlSuono Contemporary Music Week (イタリア)Mixtúr (スペイン)CEME (イスラエル)Thailand International Composition Festival (タイ)Tokyo Media Interaction (日本)Red Note (アメリカ) など多義に渡る。

ボルドー大学で音楽学の修士号を取得後、ボルドー音楽院でアナリーゼ、ハーモニー、対位法、フーガ、作曲、そしてサウンドペインティングをジャン=ルイ・アゴべ氏に師事。フランスでディプロマ取得後、米カーネギーメロン大学でレオナルド・バラダに師事し、作曲のAdvanced Ccertificateを取得。現在、CUNY学院の博士課程に在籍しており、ジェイソン・エカードに師事している。Tesselat作曲集団の共同創設者・共同芸術監督。楽譜はArtchipelBabel Scoresより出版されている。