Sitting Head-on

A native of Bordeaux (1985), Jean-Patrick Besingrand is a composer and musicologist. His music plays on tone colors and explores different conceptions of temporality and silence.

Jean-Patrick has participated in several festivals and masterclasses, including Musica Festival, Shanghai New Music Week Festival, Thailand International Composition Festival, St. Petersburg International New Music Festival, Tokyo Media Interaction, and Red Note among others. At these festivals, he received instruction from renowned composers such as Beat Furrer, Philippe Hurel, Clara Iannotta, Philippe Manoury, Raphaël Cendo, Franck Bedrossian, Joanna Bailie, Simon Steen-Andersen, Aurélien Dumont, Mark André, Francesco Filidei, Stefan Prins, Klaus Lang, Suzanne Farrin, Du Yun, Chen Yi, Tania Leon, and Qin Wenchen among others.

He has received recognition from the Lin Yao Ji International Competition, the Molinari Quartet Sixth International Composition Competition, the Chengdu-China Sun River Prize competition, the Robert Avalon International Competition for Composers, the American Prize, and the First International Composition Competition Viola’s 2014. His saxophone quartet won the first prize of the Composition Competition for Saxophone Quartet organized by SaxOpen and the Festival Musica. The Robert Starer Award commemorated his harp concerto Sur les ailes du temps in May 2016.

His music has been performed by ensembles such as Orchestre National Bordeaux-Aquitaine, Court-Circuit, Dal Niente, Mivos Quartet, Linéa, JACK Quartet, Percussions de Strasbourg, Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, Suono Giallo, Barcelona Modern Ensemble, Molinari Quartet, Platypus, Mise-En, Quince, Contemporaneous, Offspring, and by soloists including Thomas Piercy, Pierre Dutrieu, Yumi Suehiro, Geoffrey Deibel, Reison Kuroda, Carla Rees, Remi Miura, and Mamiko Someda.

Jean-Patrick holds a Master of Arts in Musicology from the University of Bordeaux, and graduated with high honors in Analysis, Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue, Composition, and Soundpainting from the Bordeaux Conservatory where he studied notably with Jean-Louis Agobet in composition. He also holds an Advanced Certificate in Composition from Carnegie Mellon University where he studied with Leonardo Balada. Currently Jean- Patrick is a PhD candidate in composition at CUNY under Professor Jason Eckardt. He is also working on his doctoral thesis in Musicology at the Sorbonne in Paris.

Jean-Patrick serves as Co-Artistic Director of Composers’ Collective Tesselat. His scores are published by Artchipel and Babelscores.

作曲家、音楽学者。仏ボルドー大学、仏ボルドー音楽院、米カーネギーメロン大学にて学位を取得。現在、米ニューヨーク市立大学(The Graduate Center, CUNY)と仏パリ・ソルボンヌ大学にて、作曲と音楽学の博士課程に在籍している。音色と時間性を主なコンセプトに、音楽を創造する。また、空気の摩擦音など、自然音などをも積極的に作品に盛り込んでいる。作品は、世界中の音楽祭や作曲コンクールで高い評価を得ている。
これまでに、Orchestre National Bordeaux-Aquitaine、Court-Circuit、Dal Niente、Mivos Quartet、JACK Quartet、Molinari Quartet、Platypus、Mise-En、Contemporaneousなどのアンサンブルや、T.ピアシー、末廣由美、V.イヴァンチェフなど、著名なソリストによって作品が演奏されている。
また、これまでに Lin Yao Ji International Competition、Molinari Quartet Sixth International Composition Competition、the Chengdu-China Sun River Prize competition、 the Robert Avalon International Competition for Composers、the American Prize、そして First International Composition Competition Viola’s 2014などに入選。近年、Festival Musicaにて、サクソフォーン・カルテット作品が入賞したほか、2016年には、 The Robert Starer Awardを受賞している。
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