Amour, suppôts et supplications

Instrumentation: violin, cello, piano

Duration: 12 minutes

Year composed: 2015

Performers: Geoffrey Herd (violin), YunXin Zhang (cello), Puripat Paesaroch (piano)

First performance: 11th Annual Thailand International Composition Festival, July 10, 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

Program note: Rapprochements, partings, duos, trios. Amour, suppôts et supplications is a representation of the different phases in a social and/or amorous relationship that we enter into all throughout our lives. Comprised of three movements connected by combinations of recurring timbres, this piece brings about numerous contrasts and emotions. The first movement is characterised by a sensation of contemplation which can at any moment be taken into madness. This madness opens the second movement, which is the image of aggressiveness, like a soul that is tormented and lost, searching for a familiar place. The madness present in the violin gradually spreads to the rest of the trio and redresses only to extinguish itself after a final bout of aggressive action. The last movement is an expiation of the souls.