Aux couleurs du couchant reflété par mes yeux

Instrumentation: soprano

Duration: 1 minute 30

Year composed: 2017

First performance:  Kaoko Amano, Platypus wird 10: 20 Miniaturen, Echoraum, Vienna, Austria, September 23rd 2017

Other performances: Anna Elder, Pittsburgh, (PA), USA, September 30th 2017

Anna Elder, New Music On The Point, Lake Dunmore, (VT), USA, June 8th 2018

Program note: Aux couleurs du couchant reflété par mes yeux is inspired by the idea of having past lives and split personality disorder. The initial and recurring material is slowly developed in an irregular way. It is interrupted by a contrasting element which breaks the linearity of the discourse resulting in an internal conflict. The title is found in a poem by Charles Baudelaire entitled « La vie antérieure ». This piece was written for the Platypus Ensemble and the project Platypus wird 10: 20 Miniaturen.