Caché par kami

Instrumentation: contrabass flute and contrabass clarinet (doubling Bb clarinet)

Duration: 10 minutes

Year composed: 2021

First performance:  Linéa Ensemble: Keiko Murakami (flute), Andrea Nagy (clarinet), Voix Nouvelles Royaumont, France, September 5th 2021

Program note: Caché par kami is the French translation of the Japanese expression Kamikakushi (神隠し). This expression is used to describe the mysterious disappearance of a person after they anger a divinity. It is usually associated with the legendary creature Tengu. Caché par kami was inspired by my ascension of Mount Takao near Tokyo. This mountain is supposedly the home of Tengu. Climbing this mountain left me with strong visual and sonic sensations. I found myself wandering through the mountain pathways after reaching the peak, not sure of my way back and wondering if I hadn’t angered a Tengu on the way up. I used these memories, as well as field recordings that I captured, to create the structure of the piece. This piece consists of four interconnected sections. Bursts of distorted events or silence interrupt the linear development of these four sections to create a meta fifth section running throughout the piece.

Caché par kami is written for the soloists of Linéa ensemble for the Académie Voix Nouvelles at Royaumont 2021.