Désirs inassouvis

Instrumentation: two saxophones

Duration: 14 minutes

Year composed: 2018

Performers: Nitchan Pitayathorn (saxophone), Thanaphoom Chimsangthip (saxophone)

First performance: Thailand International Composition Festival, Bangkok (Thailand), August 9th 2018

Other performances: Studio Loos, Den Haag, Netherlands, November 23rd 2018 (Guillermo Presa, Thitipol Piseskul)

Musée d’Aquitaine, Bordeaux, France, January 23rd 2019, (Pablo de la Fuente, Juan Antonio Molla Albero)

Nonaka Music house, Tokyo, Japan, December 2nd 2019, (Marie Kikuchi, Kana Ohno, Naoko Tsukada, Yuuri Yamaguchi, Piano Yasuda)

Program note: Désirs inassouvis is a collection of short pieces for two saxophones. These pieces explore the timbre of the instrument. The aim is to reach a symbiosis between the two saxophones. However, finding symbiosis through ornamental proliferation – the process of transforming the material – or an attempted mimesis will never be successful. These failures are expressed as unfulfilled desires which can emerge as a distant and lost hope – or as a driving force.