Hoshi no koe

Instrumentation: string quartet

Duration: 10 minutes

Year composed: 2018

First performance: Mivos Quartet, The Graduate Center, CUNY, New York, (NY), USA, May 9th 2018

Other performances: Argus quartet, Metropolis, New York, (NY), USA, October 21st 2018

Tomasz Skweres (solo cello versions), Theater Regensburg, Neuhaussaal, Regensburg, Germany, June 16th 2019

Program note: Hoshi no koe is inspired by the eponymous drama written by Makoto Shinkai. It follows the lives of two characters who get separated once one of them is sent to space. The two continue to communicate across space using e-mail on their mobile telephones. As the the first character travels deeper into space, messages take increasingly longer to reach the other on Earth, and the time-lag of their correspondence eventually spans years.

This piece follows the ideas developed by Shinkai about time, distance, and the lack of human interaction. The cello is isolated from the rest of the quartet. It is only after a long journey that it is reunited for a short period of time with the others. After this brief, bittersweet reunion the cello is slowly swept away from the others yet again. A series of flashbacks and distant memories bring the quartet together again in their ephemeral unity.

Score: https://www.babelscores.com/catalogs/instrumental/chamber-group/4725-hoshi-no-koe