Interjections et fragmentations

Instrumentation: flute, violin, piano

Duration: 6 minutes

Year composed: 2015

Performers: Ensemble Offspring

First performance: Ensemble Offspring, 8th New Music Week of Shanghai Conservatory, September 23, 2015, Shanghai, China

Program note: Interjections et fragmentations is conceived to be an introspection into the heart of a fragmented and tormented spirit. The multiple gestures of the first movement transmit this perturbation, this vain search for stability. You can feel worry in the contrasts of the dynamics, which extinguishes little by little toward a perceived solemnity. However, this is upset in the second movement with the introduction of an obsessional idea, leading gradually into a feeling of suffocation. The idea for this piece came to me during a recent stay in New York, observing the density and movement of this city. »