Instrumentation: cello

Duration: 5 minutes

Year composed: 2021

First performance:  Aurélienne Brauner, Villa 88, Bordeaux, online, November 21st 2021

Program note: Kimon is part of a series of interconnected pieces. This piece follows Shoki for double bass and starts on that piece’s closing gesture. The title Kimon is inspired by this initial, borrowed gesture. Kimon, or the “Devil’s gate,” is the place where demons will most likely enter a city or a home. In this case, the entrance of this gesture from somewhere else is like the Kimon, developed organically, evolving from a high pitched percussive sound to a distorted low sound. Then, on top of this growing gesture, another disruptive one is developed in a palindromic way.

Kimon is warmly dedicated to Aurélienne Brauner.