La mémoire des sens

Instrumentation: clarinet, piano

Duration: 8 minutes

Year composed: 2016

Performers: Allyson Edington (clarinet), Brian Gilling (piano)

First performance: Allyson Edington: clarinet, Brian Gilling: piano, Kresge Theater, April 5, 2016, Pittsburgh, USA

First  Asian performance: Circulo Trio, 12th Thailand International Composition Festival, July 22, 2016, Bangkok, Thailand

Program note: La mémoire des sens is an invitation for the listener to experience in different ways the elements in time. Inspired by the Jeu- Parti, a popular type of troubadour poetry, the piano and the clarinet are engaged in a dialog of colors and play with the memory of the listener by altering and exchanging elements through this passionate discussion.


Mémoire des sens – score sample