Plus bleu que l’indigo

Instrumentation: shō, flute, cello, harp

Duration: 10 minutes

Year composed: 2017

Performers: Chatori Shimizu (shō), Zoe Sorrell (flute), Nadine Shermann (cello), Natalie Severson (harp)

First performance:  January 13th, 2018Micro Tonal Music Festival, Pittsburgh, (PA)

Program note: Plus bleu que l’indigo is inspired by the famous Japanese saying. The translation of this saying is “Although blue dye comes from the indigo
plant, it is bluer than indigo”. This means that the student has surpassed his master. This piece is based on this principle. The material of the piece is entirely revealed at the
beginning in three different enunciations. After the initial revelation, the material is slowly reconstructed with moments of doubt, hesitation, and confrontation before
overcoming these challenges to emancipate itself. This piece is warmly dedicated to and is written for my friend Chatori Shimizu.