… sans feuilles à disperser

Instrumentation: shō

Duration: 5 minutes 30 seconds

Year composed: 2021

First performance: Remi Miura, (recording session), Tokyo, Japan, September 19th 2021

Program note: .… sans feuilles à disperser is inspired by a haiku written by the poet Chigetsu Kawaï. It struck me that the French translation for the poem’s last line can be interpreted in two different ways. The verse in French reads “sans feuilles à disperser,” which translated word-for-word into English means “without leaves to disperse”. Moreover, “sans” and “cent” are homophones in French, thus when read aloud, it may sound like “cent feuilles à disperser,” or, “a hundred leaves to disperse.” The piece is based on this linguistic dichotomy and is part of a diptych with my previous piece “…sans couleurs à souffler”. There are two layers of development in this piece. The first one consists of a harmonic development while the second consists of a timbral development. From the initial double tonguing gesture, a variety of different timbres emerge, attempting to imitate the initial color but with slight differences, much like a broken memory.

This piece was written for the SEED Academy 2021 and is warmly dedicated to Remi Miura.


a wintry gust

with no color to show

 with no leaves to rip

木がらし や色 に も見えず散もせず

Chigetsu Kawaï