Sous les cheveux, la rage

Instrumentation: soprano saxophone

Duration: 7 minutes

Year composed: 2021

First performance:  Gerald Preinfalk, outHEAR New Music Week, Municipal Conservatory of Larissa, Larissa, Greece, September 2nd – September 12th, 2021

Program note: Sous les cheveux, la rage is inspired by a creature from Japanese folktales, the Futakuchi-onna. This creature (yōkai) has the appearance of a woman, but has a second mouth—buried beneath long, thick hair—in the back of their skull. This second mouth has a mind of its own, screaming obscenities and using long strands of hair as tentacles to gorge itself on any food it can find. This piece is inspired by this folktale, developing two antagonistic personalities through contrasting physical and textural gestures.