Un rêve éveillé

Instrumentation: saxophone quartet

Duration: 12 minutes

Year composed: 2015

Performers: Quatuor Avena

First performance: Strasbourg, May 23, 2018, France

Program note: In Un rêve éveillé the instruments of the quartet are in a relationship where they are sometimes on the same plane, coming closer or going farther away from one another, and sometimes on different planes where one instrument is shadowing the others. The piece follows a simple process of where the initial material is transformed. However, this process is interrupted by blocks of different material. These blocks represent different snapshots of time: a flashback of a previous moment, a distant memory, or even a leap into the future. Hence the narrative process appears to be deconstructed, jumping from event to event, like a delirium in the subconscious that can only be rationalized by inserts of silence.